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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Its been a long time since i updated my blog, and it was on the 5 june. Recently, i had a lot of ups and downs and i still manage to overcome it. Last year, a lot of things happened and i couldn't believe that another year had just went by and i'm a year older. Besides, i just graduated from my college for higher diploma and i had so many memories, both good and bad and they taught me a lot about life.

Life is just like a writer and an unpublished book, you are the writer; the unpublished book is your life. You will determine how you want to lead your life cause there is no one other than yourself knows what you want to do in your life and every decision you make will affect you and the people around you. Life is about writing a new chapter for yourself everyday, and you can never go back. You may not change the past, but you can change the future. Sometimes, we may meet new people in our lives and some may leave you to another place or another world, but that doesn't mean you will be forgotten. The decisions and the people will help you grow to become a better person and we must learn to accept for the decisions that we had made and continue to live on, or else we will be trapped in the past and we may never grow to become that better person.

Life is about how we express ourselves everyday. If you want to live happily, you have to find and do the things that makes you happy cause no one wants to live a miserable life. However, life may not turn up the way that we always wanted. People may encountered some problems in life and they just don't know how to solve it. Actually everyone in the walks of life have problems and it just depends how you think of it. If you take it seriously, it may ruined your life. Although you can take something lightly, that doesn't mean everything. Therefore, we have to acknowledge and fully aware of the decisions in our life and we shouldn't rush into making it.

Although i felt a little regret in leaving without finishing my degree, i never intend to look back. It makes me feel sad that i have to leave all the memories behind, but i know that i have to move on and so as for all of you who is reading this blog cause life is full of challenges and we have only one chance to experience in our entire lives. I hope that this may inspire your life. God bless

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